Bullshit Ideas

  1. An app that will scan people’s faces and then Google Image search those faces to give results for their name, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  2. I know there are a couple of apps based on this out there, but I need an app which can control a presentation that I’m doing on my laptop. Just simple buttons like next, back, play pause and a preview of the slide would be epic. It’d be so much useful for those who do presentations a lot and dont want to keep shuttling to their laptop each time they want to change the slide.
    Also, there are some presentation remote controls that exist, but they are usually expensive and dont serve any purpose other than presentations.
    I’d love to be able to do it with my phone. Bluetooth is the main thing that you can use.
  3. An app that takes a photo of a plant and tells me what species it is.
    See http://www.quora.com/Plant-Identification/Is-there-a-website-allowing-me-to-identify-a-plant-by-its-leaf-outline/answer/Tracey-Bryan
  4. Android Live Wallpaper with your love ones’ photos inside bubbles (Similar to Cartoon Live wallpaper which was terminated by Google, shit!). Let’s try with Cocos2d-x: http://gizmothunder.blogspot.com/2013/07/cocos2d-x-for-android-livewallpaper.html
  5. Something I could speak into that would repeat what I said back to me, but with Morgan Freeman’s voice. I could get infinite entertainment out of that I think…. Example: I say “You are a good student” -> The app will change my sound to Obama’s sound (multiple options for users).
  6. I’d love to use a calendar that reminds me about friend’s, family & co-workers birthdays in advance and suggests gifts and give me places where I can buy them.
  7. “Rally Point” marks any important spot. First kiss? Historic sight? Only limited by the imagination. Marked points are good forever, to be located by friends, sons, daughters even decades later,… etc etc
  8. Since we have controller support now, what about an emulator app?

    I would love to see the SNES revived, and relive my childhood, or a PS1 emulator. The SNES would be easier, the games are quite small. Make the emulator free with a free game then make additional games 99c and bring back Mario Allstars, DK Country, MarioKart, Legend of Zelda, ChronoTrigger, Secret of Mana etc

  9. An app for finding lost things
  10. I want to scan multiple documents with my camera and merge them all into one PDF
  11. 6 – A motivational daily app that sends you push notifications with daily motivational content. Could be anything: quotes, articles, videos etc.
  12. A haggling app. Basically a big database of various goods and services in different countries and how much they cost. So that when you’re in a market stall in Thailand or getting a taxi in India you know if you’re being ripped off. Ideally it would be user generated/updated. You put in how much you paid and a photo. But has an offline version too so that you don’t need Internet access while abroad to use it
  13. Yeah Cooking: You don’t know what you will prepare for dinner, for a party, for weekend picnic,… Post your info and situation and get advices from others.
  14. It’s really frustrating trying to find a free place to park in the middle of the city. Would be great to have a mobile app that could show you free spots around. Could be based on public webcams, data from parking lots or maybe people can somehow show click in the app they are leaving the spot so someone else can come. Tough to keep it real time though.
  15. I need an app that can create background noise (loud music, people talking, etc) during a call. It would be great to fake traffic and many other situations. I really need this when my ex calls so I can pretend I’m out having fun on my ANDROID. Maybe get financed at http://www.appbackr.com/
  16. http://www.ideaswatch.com/startup-ideas/mobile%20apps?scifi=off

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